#36 – Battle of the Icons (Part II) w/ Newty



The time to dream is over! Your lovable associates, Donnie Rings, Big Bill, Baby Joey and Terrible Tanya return to Elm Street in this second part of their franchise retrospective on the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Like before, they invite Neil Lemoi from the NFW Podcast to help guide their dreams in this excursion, and as their nightmares become reality they finally tackle the Springwood Slasher head on. Welcome to Prime Time, everybody!

Time Stamps

[00:00] – [02:07] Intro

[02:08] – [34:22] Antipasto

[34:23] – [39:33] “Dream Warriors”

[39:34] – [02:17:33] Nightmare Franchise

[02:17:34] – [02:20:40] “Nightmare”

[02:20:41] – [03:03:55] The Golden Fedora Awards