#39 – Patroni Speciale IV



Moohop! Haaalp! Easy there, fella, as your associates Donnie Rings, Baby Joey, Terrible Tanya and Big Bill are honoring the request of a beloved Patroni on their new episode to dive into a double-bill of picks tackling the work of one of Asian cinemas most brazen and challenging directorial duo. First, they look into a riotous monster flick and spread The Sopranos love with Dave Zee and special guest James “JMac” McCarthy from the defunct Slice and Dice Dreadcast to really help settle things. So be wary of youthful-looking mothers and psychotic hitmen in this grand new episode.

Time Stamps

[00:00] – [18:33] Introduction/Antipasto Raffle
[18:34] – [48:26] Thunder of Gigantic Serpent (1988)
[48:27] – [1:44:25] Sopranos S5E06 “Pax Sporana”
[1:44:36] – [1:48:35] “Cinta Matiku”
[1:48:36] – [2:18:10] Macabre (2009)
[2:18:11] – [2:21:55] “Air on the String”
[2:21:56] – [2:59:18] Killers (2014)

#38 – We Need To Talk About The Coherence Of Taking Shelter With Kevin… Or Phil Perron



There’s a storm blowing throughout here! Your usual associates, Donnie Rings, Baby Joey, Big Bill and Terrible Tanya, dive into a triple dose of dramatic selections provided by a long-time friend of the show, Philip Perron of Dark Discussions Podcast, as they go deep into the discussion on these topics. The master chef also schools the food-hungry paisans on a popular dish and helps them analyze these troubling films, along with their usual helping of The Sopranos discussion with Dave Zee (S1E05 “College”). So stay in the proper house as we need to talk about these pivotal movies.


Time Stamps:

Introduction/Welcome Phil [00:00] – [14:32]

Food Chat/Recipe “Chicken Madeira” [14:33] – [25:17]

We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) [25:18] – [1:36:54]

The Sopranos S1E5 “College” [1:36:55] – [2:20:31]

Metallica “The Four Horseman” [2:20:32] – [2:27:14]

Coherence (2013) [2:27:15] – [3:21:42]

Metallica “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” [3:21:43] – [3:27:42]

Take Shelter (2011) [3:27:43] – [4:28:38]

#37 – Patroni Speciale III & The Sopranos S1E04 (Meadowlands)


You gotta shoot them in the head! Your undead associates, Donnie Rings, Baby Joey, Big Bill and Terrible Tanya, celebrate a special double-bill of picks chosen by the Patroni on our Patreon by looking at several zombie picks given to us. As well as diving into yet another strong helping of The Sopranos love with Dave Zee, they also spread around the pasta plate with a big antipasti to shape themselves up for the splatter to come; so prepare yourselves in the finest body armor and check your blood-type in this messy new episode.

Time Stamps

[00:00] – [52:32] Intro/The Sopranos S1E04 “Meadowlands”

[52:33] – [56:02] Perry Como “Prisoner of Love”

[56:03] – [01:47:26] Night of the Living Dead (1990)

[1:47:27] – [1:50:23] KC & The Sunshine Band “Get Down Tonight”

[1:50:24] – [2:29:38] Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2014)

#36 – Battle of the Icons (Part II) w/ Newty



The time to dream is over! Your lovable associates, Donnie Rings, Big Bill, Baby Joey and Terrible Tanya return to Elm Street in this second part of their franchise retrospective on the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Like before, they invite Neil Lemoi from the NFW Podcast to help guide their dreams in this excursion, and as their nightmares become reality they finally tackle the Springwood Slasher head on. Welcome to Prime Time, everybody!

Time Stamps

[00:00] – [02:07] Intro

[02:08] – [34:22] Antipasto

[34:23] – [39:33] “Dream Warriors”

[39:34] – [02:17:33] Nightmare Franchise

[02:17:34] – [02:20:40] “Nightmare”

[02:20:41] – [03:03:55] The Golden Fedora Awards

#35 – Battle of the Icons (Part I) W/ Newty




You going to Camp Blood, ain’t ya? You’re never coming back again! Woah, easy there, my friend, as your associates Donnie Rings, Big Bill, Baby Joey and Terrible Tanya, are going to Camp Blood as well as making a pit stop on Springwood as the guys discuss the first of two modern seminal classics in this new episode. To get them safely through this ordeal, they call upon their friend Neil Lemoi from the NFW Podcast to help them escape from these Prime Time killers. They’re all your children in this thrilling new show.


Time Stamps

Friday the 13th Franchise [00:00] – [1:41:03]

Golden Machete Awards [1:41:04] – [2:16:28]

Sopranos S1E03 Denial, Anger, Acceptance [2:16:28] – [2:54:16]

#34 – A Night at the Funhouse & The Sopranos (S1E02)



Come one, come all! Your associates, Donnie Rings, Baby Joey, Big Bill and Terrible Tanya, were thrown a loop with a scheduling issue preventing a special guest from joining the fun of covering their show looking at two themed and enjoyable genre features. With a loaded antipasto featuring another look at The Sopranos (S1 E02, 46 Long) featuring Dave Zee once again and much more, as they pass the plate around and press on with this special look at the freaks and deformities in this new effort. So grab your Halloween costumes and avoid the Bearded Lady in this freak-tastic new effort.

[00:00] – [47:18] Intro/Sopranos S1 E02 (46 Long)

[47:19] – [1:02:52] Recipe (Shrimp Gambino) & Raffle

[1:02:53] – [1:43:19] The Funhouse (1981)

[1:43:20] – [2:32:08] The Funhouse Massacre (2015)

#33 – Tony Soprano, Bonnie & Clyde, Dracula, Killer Babies, Oh My! w/ Special Guest Dave Zee



They’re just little kids! Your lovable associates, Donnie Rings, Big Bill, Baby Joey and Terrible Tanya celebrate the recent release of the It’s Alive trilogy by Scream Factory, discussing the series in detail as well as looking at their first Patreon Pick for Tanya’s Torture. On top of that, the long-awaited debut of their retrospective for the show ‘The Sopranos’ by discussing episode 1 of the show with their special guest Dave Zee of Exploding Heads Horror Movie Podcast. It’s enough to shake those pre-natal cramps loose and settle on an island paradise.