#55 – Psycho I-IV Retrospective w/ Special Guests The Power Hour Of Love



Oh, god, Mother, the blood! Don’t worry your pretty little heads about it, as your associates Donnie Rings, Baby Joey, Terrible Tanya and Big Bill, stop off at the Bates Motel when they can check out but might never leave as they dive into a retrospective of the Psycho franchise. Graced to be joined on the occasion by Charbroil and El Bandito from the Power Hour of Love web-show to help them cover the films in-depth, and with the room paid for they wait for the iconic voice of Mother baiting them into the parlor to finish off their special stay at the motel.


00:00 – 51:57 Psycho (1960)

51:58 – 1:24:217 Psycho II (1983)

1:24:18 – 1:27:41 “Mother” Danzig

1:27:42 – 1:56:13 Psycho III (1986)

1:56:14 – 2:00:06 “My Name is Norman Bates” Landscape

2:00:07 – 2:38:49 Psycho IV (1990)

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