#54 – Shame On Us (Part II)



Finally our shame can end! Your associates, Donnie Rings, Big Bill, Terrible Tanya and Baby Joey, can finish off their list of shameful movies as they complete their double-dose of films that two hosts feel have been ashamed they haven’t seen yet. Tackling these two efforts finishes off a loaded antipasto where not only do they share their Halloween watch-lists at this point, but also talk with director Kurando Mitsutake about his work. Finally, the crew unleashes their next round of Sopranos retrospectives with Dave Zee and JMac to complete their journey back to the land of the unashamed now that this installment is over.


00:00 – 39:53 Antipasto

39:54 – 44:32 Babymetal “Karate”

44:33 – 1:37:13 Kurando Mitsutake Interview

1:37:14 – 2:17:27 The Sopranos S2E8 “Full Leather Jacket”

2:17:28 – 3:06:39 Bone Tomahawk (2015)

3:06:40 – 3:10:42 Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Phenomena”

3:10:43 – 3:55:31 The Ruins (2008)

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