#53 – Shame On Us (Part 1)



The time for us to be shamed is over! Your associates, Donnie Rings, Baby Joey, Big Bill and Terrible Tanya, start off a special subset of shows looking at films that the hosts have been ashamed to admit they haven’t seen yet, featuring the first pair of their choices in this first half of the series. Coming complete with a nice, varied antipasto segment and another solid Sopranos retrospective informing our associate on ‘The Stranger’ with guests Dave Zee and JMac, two hosts can now no longer live in fear of their community for not having seen these classics with the second round coming next week.

00:00 – 23:14 Antipasto
23:15 – 1:03:47 The Sopranos S2 E7 “D-Girl”
1:03:48 – 1:52:46 Tourist Trap (1979)
1:52:47 – 1:55:42 The Misty Mountains Cold
1:55:43 – 3:00:39 The Mist (2007)

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