#51 – Strip Nude For Gary Hill



00:00 – 23:40 Antipasto
23:41 – 1:02:17 Camp Death III in 2D (2018)
1:02:18 – 1:34:14 The Sopranos S2 E5 “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
1:34:15 – 1:39:05 Tito y Tarantula “After Dark”
1:39:05 – 2:04:54 Black Belly of the Tarantula
2:04:55 – 2:08:01 Van Morrison “Domino”
2:08:02 – 2:41:46 Strip Nude For Your Killer (1975)

Our black belly is nude for your killer. Your associates, Donnie Rings, Baby Joey, Big Bill and Terrible Tanya, develop an exquisite Italian taste as they welcome Gary Hill of the Cinema Beef Podcast for a double-dose of stellar, top-notch giallo entries. As well, the main group talks about recently-acquired screener together, in Camp Death III in 2D and passes the plate with a special Sopranos talk with Dave Zee and special guest, JMac. Bust out your black leather gloves and down that glass of J&B before the killer finds you himself!

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