#50 – 50th Episode Celebration featuring an Interview w/ Skeeta Jenkins



00:00 – 14:41 Intro/Raffle

14:42 – 1:03:05 The Sopranos S2 E4 “Commendatori”

1:03:06 – 1:07:23 Kool & The Gang “Celebration”

1:07:24 – 1:38:03 Interview w/ Skeeta Jenkins AKA Cuddly Bear

1:38:04 – 1:41:38 Earth, Wind & Fire “September”

1:41:39 – 3:34:36 Listener Q&A

Break out the beer cans and water bottles, it’s a celebration! Your associates, Donnie Rings, Terrible Tanya, Big Bill and Baby Joey, reach a milestone for any podcast with the fateful lucky 50th episode. The crew breaks format for the occasion, opting for a series of fun listener interaction and feedback rather than a movie review, as well offering a special interview with #CuddlyBear himself, Skeeta Jenkins that the crew is especially proud of. In addition to another solid Sopranos retrospective with Dave Zee, the rowdy evening offers plenty of fun as they count down the march to triple digits.

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