#46 – Summer Potluck (Part 2)




Three-by-three, we bind ourselves to thee! Well, maybe not… as your associates Donnie Rings, Big Bill, Terrible Tanya and Baby Joey, instead complete their summer potluck with a devilish double-bill of witchy genre efforts as the last two potluck choices are covered amongst the lively roundtable between the group. In addition to that, a nice plate of antipasto includes the finale of season one of their Sopranos discussion with Dave Zee with the conclusion of that season among other fun discussions which sets the stage for their latest summer exploits.

00:00 – 13:59 Introduction/Antipasto

14:00 – 1:11:16 The Sopranos S1 E13 “I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano”

1:11:17 – 1:15:28 Our Lady Peace “Tomorrow Never Knows”

1:15:29 – 1:19:51 Love Spit Love “How Soon is Now”

1:19:52 – 2:24:35 The Craft (1996)

2:24:36 – 2:28:01 Spookies Soundtrack “Opening Theme”

2:28:02 – 2:32:29 Spookies Soundtrack “Zombie (End Chase)”

2:32:30 – 3:15:31 Spookies (1986)

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