#44 – The One year Anni-Roast



It’s a celebration! Your associates, Donnie Rings, Baby Joey and Terrible Tanya, gather together with a selection of friends, including Jerry Cortes, Jerry Herring, Phillip Perron, Neil Lemoi and James McCarthy, to have a special roast of Big Bill. It’s a year-long celebration of the Mafia, as we all talk about a special group of films Bill starred in over his brief career as an actor. We take turns roasting him for what he produced, resulting in plenty of good laughs… but just little involving the films themselves.

Time Stamps

00:00 – 20:48 Antipasto Raffle

20:49 – 25:06 Queen “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (Live)

25:07 – 1:04:32 Dirty Cop, No Donut (1998)

1:04:33 – 1:08:21 Inner Circle “Bad Boys”

1:08:22 – 2:19:53 Scary Tales 1 & 2 (2001/2003)

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