#41 – A Quiet Episode



We can’t make a sound! Your associates, Donnie Rings, Baby Joey, Big Bill and Terrible Tanya decide to finally speak their first words with a loving look at two films involving a characters’ inability to make noise, first with a giallo styled effort in Mute Witness (1995), and then the newly released creature feature A Quiet Place (2018). As the family continues their Sopranos retrospective with Dave Zee and pass around a wild, loaded antipasto, this is an episode crying out for more noise from the group.

Time Stamps
00:00 – 28:24 Antipasto

28:25 – 1:21:44 The Sopranos S1E08 “The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti”

1:21:45 – 1:29:05 Neil Young “Cortez the Killer”

1:29:06 – 2:08:47 Mute Witness (1995)

2:08:48 – 2:12:18 Neil Young “Harvest Moon”

2:12:19 – 3:00:53 A Quiet Place (2018)

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