#39 – Patroni Speciale IV



Moohop! Haaalp! Easy there, fella, as your associates Donnie Rings, Baby Joey, Terrible Tanya and Big Bill are honoring the request of a beloved Patroni on their new episode to dive into a double-bill of picks tackling the work of one of Asian cinemas most brazen and challenging directorial duo. First, they look into a riotous monster flick and spread The Sopranos love with Dave Zee and special guest James “JMac” McCarthy from the defunct Slice and Dice Dreadcast to really help settle things. So be wary of youthful-looking mothers and psychotic hitmen in this grand new episode.

Time Stamps

[00:00] – [18:33] Introduction/Antipasto Raffle
[18:34] – [48:26] Thunder of Gigantic Serpent (1988)
[48:27] – [1:44:25] Sopranos S5E06 “Pax Sporana”
[1:44:36] – [1:48:35] “Cinta Matiku”
[1:48:36] – [2:18:10] Macabre (2009)
[2:18:11] – [2:21:55] “Air on the String”
[2:21:56] – [2:59:18] Killers (2014)

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