Review: Dead Shack (Fantasia 2017)



Filmmaker/Musician Peter Ricq, known for his work on the animated shows The League of Super Evil as well as Freaktown where he worked with fellow filmmaker/writers Phil Ivanusic-Vallee and Davila LeBLanc, now tries his hand at live-action horror fare for his first feature, Dead Shack. Aimed at mixing dark comedy with big horror themes, the film shares its festival run with the prestigious Fantasia International Film Festival.

Taking a relaxing trip to the woods, a young kid joining his best friends’ family on a camping vacation in the wilderness finds their next-door neighbor is keeping a cannibalistic secret with her and must find a way to force their parents to believe them in order to get away alive.



For the most part, this here wasn’t all that bad of an effort. One of the more impressive elements here is the rather fun action that pops up, as this delivers some rather fun and enjoyable action scenes that come off quite nicely. Giving this one some solid gore from the unique and novel methods of dealing with the zombified creatures, these scenes make this one highly interesting as well as providing this one with plenty of solid, genuine laughs that come from the solid cast. They give this one a lot of it’s warmth and charm, which is what makes this one the overall appeal by having a lot to like overall by having the friendly banter between everyone and going for the joke is what causes this to be as funny as it is. There’s a few pacing issues to be had and the low-budget nature of the shoot does crop up at times where the darkness creeps in a little too much to make the film hard to make out what’s happening, but overall there’s still plenty to enjoy here.

You can catch the film’s premiere screening at the Fantasia Festival July 22, 2017

4/5 Zombie Heads



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