Slice & Dice Dreadcast – Episode 14 – Silent Rage (1982) & Open Your Eyes (1997)

On the 14th episode of Slice & Dice Dreamcast, the boys discuss the new format for upcoming episodes. To kick the show off, we’ll be shootin’ about a random supernatural/paranormal.

We will also be switching from 2 to 3 films per episode, as we move to a bi-weekly format. We’ll be keeping our 2 random films from the streaming services, but adding a movie poll for the listeners to vote on every episode.


Visit the episode page at Horrorphilia for different listening options.


Our last two feature episode begins with the 1982 Chuck Norris horror-scifi-action flick, Silent Rage. Last up is the Spanish surreal film, Open Your Eyes (1997), which the film Vanilla Sky is based off of.

On the next episode, the first poll winner is Stephen King’s IT.

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