Death By Podcast – Episode 13 – What’s a Siren, Professor?

On our “lucky” 13th Episode, the DBP crew discusses the controversial question “is Green Room a horror movie” during the “What’s Goin’ On” segment. Among other bits are The Good Neighbor, The Lobster, a rundown of Mike and Joey’s film diary, and more. On the second half of the show the crew chats about two features: the 2016 spin-off of V/H/S’s “Amateur Night” short, Siren, and the final movie in our selective retrospective of Dario Argento films, 1987’s Opera. We will be revisiting Argento later in the year with the Three Mother’s Trilogy. We are awaiting the Suspiria Blu ray to hit the shelves and if the remake hits the big screen, we’ll cover that too.


Many ways to listen! Just visit the Horrorphilia episode page



Up for next episode is the beginning of our “Disturbing Episodes” series, where we cover several flicks considered to be disturbingly obscure and unforgettable. Up for the first in the series is The Human Centipede Trilogy. We’ll digest the full sequence and see what happens…

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