Death By Podcast – Episode 12 – Relick the Meal, Follow the Sheep and Hit Yourself in the Head with a Prog Rock

On episode 12 of Death By Podcast, the DBP crew talks about a plethora of topics in “What’s Goin’ On,” including what movies we are watching in 2017 so far. After a tune during the break, we discuss two features: The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016) and Phenomena (1985). And in a lovely show of sanity, Joey has a little sumptin’ and goes into full-on delusional saucy conspiracy theorist mode.


Catch this, and all our episodes, at our Horrorphilia page. There are links to various methods of listening to our (but mostly Joey’s) madness.




On the next episode, we almost wrap up the selected Argento retrospective with Opera (we will cover the  Three Mothers Trilogy when the new Suspira Blu ray drops) and the V/H/S short turned full-length feature, SiREN (2016).

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