Slice & Dice Dreadcast – Episode 9 – Baby Blood (1990) & Microwave Massacre (1983)

On the table for this episode is Baby Blood (1990), followed by the outlandishly brilliant Microwave Massacre (1983).

Next episode is Friday the 13th! We’ll be doing live commentary on Friday the 13th Parts VII & VII at around 10pm. Follow us on Facebook to find the link to the show via YouTube. For those who can’t tune in live, the episode will be available via YouTube and our iTunes podcast link.

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Along with Death By Podcast, we will be joining the Horrorphilia Network! Be on the lookout for a new page to catch everything S & D!

Episodes 11 & 12 have been selected via our Facebook poll. Episode 11 will cover 976-EVIL & They Live. Episode 12 will be Rosemary’s Baby & Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

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