Death By Podcast – Episode 10 – Top Tenteen of 2016 & We’re 10 Years Old… You Mean Episodes, Joey?

The 10th official episode!

In our first year of the podcast, Joey and Mike began Dose of Terror with another co-host (find those episodes on our feed) and it was a blast. Although life takes people on differing paths, we ended the podcast as Alicia was coming in as our new co-host (the last episode of DoT is her debut!) and decided to start a new beginning in Death By Podcast. So 10 episodes in, here we are ending 2016 on a high note, as we’ve now joined the Horrorphilia podcasting network (shout out to Jason Lloyd and all the groovy podcasts on the network!). Also on the DBP network, we’ve began two other podcasts, Slice & Dice Dreadcast and Death By Moosault. Jim and James have joined forces with Joey on his venture to start 85 podcasts… but really just these two. S & D is a discussion about horror movies on streaming services, with a roulette style selection process; Death By Moonsault is about wrestling. It has been an awesome year and we are looking forward to 2017!








In this episode, the first 45 minutes we go through our best of 2016, then its onward to our final film discussions for the year. On the table is Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers, the horror-drama The Eyes of My Mother, and the next flick in our Argento retrospective, Deep Red (check out a Deep Red retro review from Joey here).

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