DBPlaylist – A Rob Zombie Celebration


For the month of October we’re paying homage to Rob Zombie and, as a huge music nerd, I couldn’t help myself. I made a playlist. No matter how you feel about his films, you can’t help but admire his own musical talent and consistent promise to deliver incredible soundtracks. Also big ups to Tom Rowland, the music supervisor for most of Zombie’s films. From the silly and strange to the perfectly timed epics, Zombie & Rowland give these songs new homes. Seriously, I hated “Free Bird” before I watched The Devil’s Rejects. Same with ANY Rush song, but “The Spirit of Radio” works perfectly for Lords of Salem.

Just for fun I threw in a handful of gems from the likes of The Cramps, Misfits and Little Richard.

So kick back and enjoy some Tutti Fuckin’ Frutti I made for y’all.

This playlist is NSFW. Headphones encouraged, unless you want to creep the fuck out of your coworkers.


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