Death By Podcast – Episode 3 – Happy Birthday, Brundlefly

Joey, Young/Old Mike and Alicia B. are back with a new episode of Death By Podcast. In celebration for the 30th anniversary of David Cronenberg’s The Fly, DBP decided to do a series retrospective, starting with the original film from 1958, followed by its two sequels, The Return of the Fly (1959) and The Curse of the Fly (1965). After a brief rock session to the conclusion of Alexisonfire’s “Happiness by the Kilowatt,” we conclude with the Cronenberg classic and the lackluster sequel The Fly II (1989). During our opening segment, “What’s Goin’ On,” we touch on several films we’ve watched, The Houses October Built, The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, surpassing 500 Twitter followers, Sword and Scale, a true crime podcast that we’ve all been obsessing with, the public library and other random stuff we’ve been getting into.





For Episode 3, we will discuss three horror anthologies in honor of a new podcast DBP is launching soon. Devoted to anthology television and film, the second podcast by DBP will cover episodes from shows like The Twilight ZoneThe Outer LimitsTales From the Darkside and Monsters, along with specific segments from full-length feature films, like V/H/S and The ABCs of Death. On the table for discussion next time is CreepshowTales from the Darkside: the Movie, and Trick ‘r Treat. 


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