Review: 13 Cameras (2015)

I’m noticing a trend in a lot of horror movies lately where audiences are presented a plot, a conflict and no explanation or back story for the events being witnessed. Just having some weirdo nutjob do a bunch of wacky shit doesn’t always work, unless I know exactly why they are doing it. It takes me out of the experience and I am not totally involved. I can’t relate to a lot of what is going on and that is the major problem with the film debut of Victor Zarcoff.

We have a young couple renting a home from the creepiest landlord in history. He looks like a circus strongman that got hit in the head with a set of weights way too many times. Prior to them moving in, Landlord Sleaze set up a bunch of cameras (13, I guess) in order to spy on a couple. There are many voyeuristic moments as this creep spys on the film’s pregnant heroine (Brianne Moncrief) while she showers and gets sloppy seconds from her husband who is having an affair with his assistant (Sarah Baldwin). We even get to see his cleaning habits, as cleans the front of his pants off with the numerous crumbled up, and  probably sticky, napkins littering his computer area. All this watching and philandering ultimately becomes too much for all involved, and these worlds ultimately collide.

Like I stated earlier, my biggest problem with this film is that viewers get zero motive for the actions of our villain. I mean, this dude can barely grunt a sentence, so I have a really hard time believing that he has the brain capacity to become some secret surveillance expert. He also has the absolute worst hiding spot in film history for one of his kidnap victims. A ROOM IN THE HOUSE THAT HE IS WATCHING THAT HE DOES NOT LIVE IN! If there was a little backstory, maybe I could have rallied with this one a bit, but alas this did not happen.

On the positive side, the performances were solid and the movie moved along at a pace where I was not bored. The performance by Neville Archambault as the super creep was good but I wanted more from him. The last scene with his character did not strike me as something that would happen with the character as he was portrayed previously throughout the film. So unfortunately, I cannot recommend this one unless sweaty napkin defiling landlords is your thing.


2.5 out of 5 Zombie Heads

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