Death By Podcast – Episode 2 – Found Footage and Marinara

Joey Mumbles, Synopsis Mike and Alicia B. decide to each pick a found footage flick to review in honor of the new Blair Witch. Joey chose The Houses October Built, Mike’s pick was Megan is Missing, and Alicia’s Netflix said to select They’re Watching. During the opening segment, “What’s Goin’ On,” everyone is dabbling in podcasts like Sword and Scale, Dark Discussions and Lore. Mike disapproves of fuggazi Italian accents, Alicia is working on a book about hardcore/punk rock, and Joey has been watching extensive hours of Alvin and the Chipmunks and needs to stop drinking before recording. This episode gets weird!

Episode 2 Cover

On the next episode, Death By Podcast honors the 30th anniversary of David Cronenberg’s The Fly! We review all five films- The Fly (1958), Return of the Fly (1959), Curse of the Fly (1965), The Fly (1986) and The Fly II (1989).




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